Besides the pressure to wear what the groom’s family bought you for the reception, most brides now get to choose their outfit….(thankfully!)….well in the Western world anyway! So now the only problem you have is whether to wear a dress, Indo-Fusion (normally a new take on the traditional lehenga – with a modern twist) or a saree? Well, that’s why we’re here! Let us shed some light on the good and the not so good of all options & the rest is up to you!

Dresses: Red carpet gowns are a classic example as are Miss World gowns, if you want a bit of pizzazz! Dresses are great to wear again for friends’ functions, so we like the multi-purpose use of it…..however it can sometimes look ‘too less’ compared to your blingy aunties in sarees with heavy designs. Downside again is that if you always wear casual dresses, this could make your reception feel informal, but it can also be comfortable and easy to dance in…You also don’t want to blend into your bridesmaids – if they are wearing dresses.

Indo-Fusion: This is something like a skirt with a top, but is a modern take on the traditional lehenga… could have some funky dupatta or be backless with modern motifs on the skirt (in other words – bling bling and may not resemble any traditional work). The alternative is a Pakistani influenced dress which has some Indian designs in a modern dress-look…Great that you can get away with low-cut designs or diamond influenced outfits – which add elegance and royalty. You may not fit the outfit after the common ‘post-marriage weight gain.’  These outfits also look great in Royal Function Centres: chandeliers & a modern table setting – a bit like the Versace hotels!

Saree: No description needed, the blouse design can make or break a ‘look’ so make sure your blouse is perfectly fitted and try some modern designs, contrast colours, velvet or even net-corsett styles for the “WOW” factor. (Check out the Saree Blouses tab for more designs). Sarees will always look elegant on women & wearing it for your reception can sometimes give you that ‘womanly’ feel. Draping a saree correctly is important too, so make PINS your best friend! Sarees will always be our choice – you can wear it for many years to come, or even save it for your kids (20 years later!).

Goodluck in choosing!